8 Hard Rock Songs - Troy Stetina Page One

harmony and theory back coverOK! Troy Stetina is our instructor! Yay! He is good! He has students! If this lesson is too advanced for you check this other work by him for beginning rock metal guitar pickers.

If you like the songs in the menu below for this guitar lesson that's the criteria you should use to buy this or a similar one with other songs at what ever skill level choice is right for you.

As far as attaining a hard rock sound goes Troy plays a variety of guitars from a PRS, an Ibanez Steve Vai model to Fender Telecasters but they all sound the same to me.

This over driven saturated sound will cover lot of our mistakes and sounds pretty decent too. In fact with out this sound these songs wouldn't have the muscle that they do. Here he has a great guitar sound but doesn't share with us how he gets it. Uh Troy? Buddy? Please? Its overdrive, distortion, scooped mids and a fish tank in the grill is my guess.

In this guitar lesson we also have three cameras which is too many.

You'd think that with three cameras they could have one on each hand at all times and one left over to film them both at the same time but no that's not aesthetic enough for our director. 

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