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If you are just starting guitar or blues guitar this DVD will be illuminating but I particularly recommend it if you are somewhat versed in the concepts of the major, minor and pentatonic scales.

Having familiarity with these concepts will enable you to get more out of this and every other guitar instructional.

On the other hand if you watch this enough times you will become more familiar with basic blues movements.

Son Seals was friends with and learned from many of the great blues guitar players and went out of his way to blaze his own trail. He tries to give you a lot of tips on how to do so.!

"Son" Seals whose Christian name is Frank became a luminary in the blues scene of Chicago during the early  to mid-seventies and helped the blues get over a small slump it was experiencing after the blues renaissance of the 60's.

When Son Seals released Midnight Son as his second LP his originality was eye opening. Rolling Stone gave him rave reviews for his strong guitar phrasing and enthusiastic vocals and other periodicals soon agreed.

Growing up in Arkansas, Sons's father ran a musical juke joint so Son enjoyed the exposure he  had to great live music and made the most of it. Originally striking out on the  drums and playing behind such greats as Robert Nighthawk and Albert King he was meanwhile learning the guitar.

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