Guitar Aerobics Advanced Warm up Routine
- Danny Gill  - Page One

In this guitar lesson you get 16 exercises that will help you warm up your hands and incidentally play all over the fret board.

There is a choice between ten, twenty and thirty minute warm ups. Danny shows us some stretching exercises for shoulders, hands, wrists and fingers to loosen up before starting in. Don't look down you nose at the idea! 

If you are hurting its worth exploring some pre practice stretches to see if that helps. The exercises get more complex as we get deeper into it. Scales and arpeggios!

Now this isn't for every type of player in my opinion its more for the religious practice every day player who plans on doing major fret board scales and arpeggios and solos and really fast metal runs and spending serious time with the metronome.

If you don't know how to play basic bar chords you don't need this yet. Also there is that nagging, time wasting issue of no pamphlet.

Don't run out and buy this unless you already have passed the sore fingers from learning new chord shapes stage of development. Learn the C-A-G-E-D system

We have all been there with the sore fingertips. How about your fluid transitions?

Next its the bar chords those are fun too. Try to learn the 3 note triad shapes and double stops in the E and A bar chords and you will be glad you did. Don't just try to get a clean sound analyze the notes and spot the repeats. Think about intervals of thirds - chords are stacked thirds. Then the 4th and 5ths are right there too.

The title of this learn guitar warm up exercise proclaims that it is 'advanced' and it is in the sense you need to be serious and also in the subject matter.

Its true that you can hurt your hands by doing any repetitive movement hard and long enough. And if you have a bee in your bonnet that you have to be the fastest shredder on your block then this is a comprehensive and informed routine to help you prevent injury if you warm up slow.

Do I do it? No. I do other stuff in general like chi gong but I do play an hour and half every day with a metronome and I do get pain in my fingers if I over do it, wrists, shoulders (from the guitar strap), phalanges, joints and assorted pains. So you lighten up if you can - less pressure on the strings, less right hand. Lighter is a better word not less. Or you take a break for 5 or ten minutes and come back and usually the pain goes away.

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