Blues Guitar in 6 Weeks SRV Style/week 1 - Steve Trovato

In this lesson we learn to play along to a blues shuffle progression in the key of E. To do this we learn the Em pentatonic and the E Blues scale in the open position. Knowledge of phrasing, techniques and devices are promised and delivered!

We have a blues shuffle backing track and our most excellent guitarist instructor Steve Trovato demonstrates the E minor scale over it. Then he shows it to us note by note. He plays it slowly and explains everything very carefully.

There is no pamphlet so use your own guitar scale reference book if you need to. This is good enough for now but in my opinion, sooner rather than later you will want to see the whole fret board picture. Still, so far so good! If you are brand new to guitar and like the blues this is perfect for you! You watch through this whole guitar lesson, axe in hand, ten times and you'll be glad you did!

Next we learn the Blues scale still in the open position and again he uses a backing track to demonstrate. The Blues scale is hex-a-tonic (6 note) scale very similar to the previous minor (5 note) pentatonic but adds the incidental blue note between notes 3 and 4.

Steve tells us the easiest way to remember these scales is to identify them with a chord shape and in this case the identifying chord shape is E.

Then he shows us how to move the pattern. 3:13 He tells us we need to know the tonic or root tones. Shows us E octave centers or root/tonic tones.

He points out the triangular shape that the E Notes form and then slides the shape up to the 5th fret and barrees it - again pointing out the triangular shape of the root notes of the fourth chord and then slide up to the fifth and its a nice wrinkle the way he explains it so brilliantly.

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