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Randy Rhoads Style GuitarAndy Aledort teaches this lesson and its one of his best. Andy is an editor over at Guitar World Magazine and I have many of his lessons which you will see me review. The beauty of this one is that Randy Rhoads mom is a music teacher and even had her own music school and since there is a real nice .PDF file included with the lesson you get a lot of spank for your plank. Prepare to enter a world of compression and scooped mids a world away from acoustic guitar. This is hard work but if you are ready for it rewarding!

Still the use of guitar effects only mask the underlying principles of going over your scales over and under and back and forth and again and again again no matter what kind of fret board you are playing.

Using a Jackson guitar Andy goes easy on us with guitar friendly scales and convenient voicings in best positions and then learning your octave shapes various ways to run up and down the scale hammering on and off, triplets, all using that metal guitar sound and obligatory heavy thing they do at the end.

Once you get an overview of your Major scale shape in two octaves you learn that hey you have to learn it over here too and then over there and that Holy Cripes Batman its a lot of work. And to do it right takes years but that's OK. If it was easy everyone would do it. If you grow up born into Music (as so many of the greats have) I would imagine that nurturing environment was a huge benefit. The younger you start off the better for you and Randy Rhodes was classically trained - he could play Spanish guitar and read music. His mother had (still has) the school in L.A. right?

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