Hybrid Picking Techniques - Stuart Bull Page One

There are as many hybrid picking techniques out there as there are finger style picking techniques.

Stuart Bull, our instructor starts us off bare bones basic and slowly fleshes out for us various ways hybrid picking has advantages. 

The simple stuff is so simple anyone can do it, so hold steadfast.

Very first thing we begin not with a picking pattern exactly but more of a 6th diad non-adjacent string shape-interval movement that you have no doubt seen before if you have been playing guitar for a few hours. Its something you want to know about as a beginner.

Stuart is using 6th intervals (inversions of a third) from the diatonic scale and he does it usinga I-IV-V chord progression.

This is basic stuff called diatonic harmony. Oddly Stuart eschews any mention whatsoever of harmony or theory to us at all. He does talk about chord shapes and its true playing these diad intervals from the chord will help us learn the neck. He uses some guitar effects but doesn't tell us what they are.

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