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I approve of this guitar lesson and if you want to play melody or lead Blues guitar you will too!

Even though it doesn't have a pamphlet as long you have been practicing your pentatonic scales and basic guitar chords and know your I IV V in the Keys of E and A (for the turnarounds section) you should be able to get a lot out of it.

There is a lot of hands on fret board activity here which is just what you need to put things in perspective if you have been practicing!

There is, within the guitar lesson's menu (see below), a selection, called Scales and Arpeggios.

It covers the scales: major, minor, Mixolydian and minor/major pentatonic.

If you have not been doing your homework you better head there first thing. Head there anyway as Danny usually tells us something worthy. I learned something and you will too likely.

Danny says within the scales and arpeggios section that you really need to know this stuff if you want to get anything our of the main jam and runs part of the lesson.

This section is ancillary to that part of the lesson. Its like they felt guilty and put it in.

You could slavishly copy him showing you the scales note for note but you had best write it all down unless you have a eidetic memory. You want to be able to practice these scales away from the computer too!

There are reference books I recommend to give you a better introduction to these concepts.

Then definitely you will have a more edifying experience. What I mean is if you don't have the underlaying concepts down you will more easily loose the thread and forget these guitar moves.

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