Chuck Berry 1 ~ Steve Trovato (Rock and Roll) Page One

front cover I have two Chuck Berry guitar lesson lesson's by Steve Trovato. I & II. This is number 1.

Do you need both? Wont hurt but start with this one. You definitely positively need number one.

Even if you've never picked up a guitar in your life you can learn more about guitar driven rock and roll from this one lesson than many, many another. You don't even need to know any chords.

In a week or three you'll playing cool & fun riffs and and maybe show your friends a thing or two on guitar.

If you were going to practice and wanted to look cool and just 'play lead' this is what I would unhesitatingly recommend.

Additionally as a gift, for example, to someone you cared about. Because no one you could possibly give this to is going to thank you with: Chuck Berry? Who the hey is Chuck Berry? Mom I wanted Synyster Gates! And if they really don't know who Chuck Berry is they will very soon swallow those words and look at you with renewed respect.

But it 'aint easy! 'Relentless' is how Steve describes the rhythm and its all down strokes. To play that rhythm up to tempo and without mistakes required for the whole three minutes of a song might take years.

But to play short bursts and phrases using the double stops and major and minor third intervals that you will be exposed to within seconds guarantees you will have a lot of fun. There is no theory. In fact Steve doesn't even tell you what key you are in. Well its on the cover.

So please understand that this is a 'hands on' 'get it under your fingers' type of guitar lesson. You aren't going to sit back and take notes.

You will enjoy playing each of the licks over and over again. You'll need to discipline yourself to some repetition to get your muscle memory parsing these moves in conjunction with your ear and foot tapping.

You have to be in the up tempo mood (relentless) to make the most of it over time. In good time and with repetition your exertions will open a new world to you.  People still like to dance.

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