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Best of Guitar World Video Lessons In this Guitar lesson we have packaged together 10 site video segments from Guitar World Magazine articles written by the listed excellent guitarists. However we do not get any .PDF files of the actual articles from the magazine.

We merely get the video from the Guitar World site which they have bundled together and marketed.

Its a piece meal, ultimately unsatisfying piece of work that while it wont hurt you to watch and where in you may surely learn a thing or two. For a beginner however, it wont do you much good.

There is some less than ideal camera work and this production seems more like a 'make a buck lark' for them than a serious well meant effort to teach us basic guitar skills. It has its moments of epiphany however depending where you are on the road to guitar fluency.

We open with Yngwie doing his neo-classical thing really fast and telling us how his technique helps him to be different. Its not just his technique. Its a conscious decision to try to try to be different. If he wants to be different I ask why does he have 3 red Ferraris? The more things change the more they stay the same. Yngwie is great but slightly advanced. He tells us how he wanted to sound like a violin on guitar and that violins are tuned in fifths.

At the umpteenth fret Yngwie speed runs us the harmonic minor scale and then inverts it from Am to Em morphing into the Phrygian scale and the major third links it to the diminished scale resulting in more questions than answers. Then the nice man takes pity on us and suggests we learn it on one string like the high E string. He makes it so easy and of course has a very lush wet sound and his scalloped neck signature Fender Stratocaster. He tells us the above is the bread and butter "for what he does". The Swede then talks about legato picking. Pizzicato is next where you articulate with your left hand. Its another violin technique. This guitar lesson is way advanced but interesting even if its not your style. 9 minutes.

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