Harmony and Theory Intermediate - Danny Gill

Please read my review of the first offering in this series Harmony and Theory Basics so you become aware of some of the quirks of this approach. No written material comes with it not even a .PDF file on the disc. How odd!

This intermediate guitar lesson initially focuses on the minor scale which we are shown and then taught the intervallic formula for. You'll need paper and pencil. See the menu below.

Danny demonstrates some ideas using backing tracks that you can try for yourself using the jam tracks.

He plays passages of each concept and then breaks them down. There is no question he can play the guitar. If I didn't know any better I'd buy this! Hey I did buy it!


harmony and theory back coverSubsequently I have found a more student friendly method that I prefer over this one.

It has the same material and more and it has it written out and it does it all in one package.

I like Danny Gill a lot and have a couple other of his lessons that I do recommend that would go well with my aforementioned introduction to guitar scales and melody recommendation with pamphlet.

Danny we love you but life is too short knowing there are more user friendly alternatives!

I am pretty sure you are hamstrung by the powers that be mistaken!



    Menu: Harmony and Theory Intermediate - Danny Gill
  • Ch 1: Play All
  • Ch 2: The Minor scale
  • Ch 3: Pentatonic Scales
  • Ch 4: Harmonizing the minor scale
  • Ch 5: Diatonic 7th chords
  • Ch 6: Blues
  • Ch 7: Extended chords, other chords
  • Ch 8: Jam Track C Minor
  • Ch 9: Jam Track G Major
  • Ch 10: Jam Track E Blues
  • Ch 11: Jam Track E Minor

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