Acoustic Lennon & McCartney, Best of ~ Andrew DuBrock Page One

 back coverThis is a solid and challenging guitar presentation for beginning acoustic 6 string mood crooners. I also strongly suggest owning a standard tuning Beatles song book too. It would be best if you, the student, were familiar with these 8 Beatles songs.  Our guitar instructor is Andrew DuBrock.

Also there are guitar tunings to contend with, Standard, Drop D, Slack and standard tuning with capo on the second fret.

See the menu below for a run down. Never-the-less its still a real nice exposure to non blues or non 3 power chord pop songs that sound great on the guitar.

Even if Lennon and McCartney wrote a lot of their material on the piano.

This is an excellent lesson and I recommend it for someone who has learned their open C-A-G-E-D chords and can make the requisite half way decent barre chords. There is some Travis picking required whose patterns are shown quite decently. Which, you may have to stop the lesson and practise for a spell, to to then come back and get the song down recognizably.

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