Lynyrd Skynyrd ~ 8 Songs ~ Guitar teacher Greg Koch
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front cover From his voice it seems like Greg is getting over a sore throat in this guitar lesson. But that doesn't stop him from givin' us the skinny on Lynyrd Skynyrd in his erudite and uniquely humorous way.

Greg is a an advanced player when its called for and its always called for! He is a rather good guitar teacher to watch no matter your level. If you have been practicing and are experienced enough to get 'hands on' with this material Greg educates us how its played on guitar.

Electric guitar: Unlike the Les Paul shown on the cover Greg uses a Fender Strat. I have one just like it but its a 1959 replica made by Tokai. I love this guitar. Tokai was the manufacturer in Japan which Fender contracted with for their Nipponese made Fender guitar line. That's the guitar I am fixing to use on this lesson. It stays in tune too.

I also have an amazing Fender Mexican H3 Strat with a factory installed Floyd Rose. Its got tex-mex pickups on it like Jimmy Vaughan. I think its Jimmy. Love that sound. Prefer the Tokai replica alnicos. I additionally have a Strat shaped Charvel San Dimas with a maple neck and another Floyd. I rarely play it because I prefer the Tokai. I have a real 1959 Telecaster with a '61 slab board neck too. The Tele doesn't have a Tremelo arm on it which use of I have come to enjoy. I had a notion to put a non invasive tremelo system on there for kicks but am willing to review it if some one manufacturer wants to send me one. I am leaning towards the Stetsbar® Tele® Tremolos no drilling required system. Sorry for the digressions.

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