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front cover You've got to love our instructor Aaron Gilmartin. I want to praise the guy because he is a really good guitar player, sings and seems like a real nice fellow too. Plus he explains things and is a good guitar teacher.

There is a great pamphlet and when I mean great its like a dream come true. There are short 4 - 8 bar Bossa Nova rhythmic patterns in TAB with real honest to God chord charts and its also in music notation too. So this is stand alone.

I just have to remark about his fingernails being bitten to the quick on his fretting hand and having nail extensions on his picking hand. Ignoring the fretting hand, because I can think of far worse habits, than biting your nails. I had a girlfriend who could bite her toenails and open bottles of beer with her teeth, she was trouble, but what fun.

I digress. No, I don't digress. Lots of ladies like Bosa Nova. Heck some manly men may even like it. It can be a jewel in the crown which is your repertoire without necessitating a life style change. Its jazz but a lot more humane than jazz. Its mellow too. Bosa Nova also seems easier to understand and so much less stressful than learning "jazz". Samba mixes with jazz harmony to create Bosa Nova. Singers will like this style too. Relaxed but not full voice. Peaceful, floating, rhythmic syncopation. Aaron gives us a history and a listen to list pertaining to Bosa Nova and breaks it down for us. Baden Powell's name comes up several times.

True, there is a learning curve and the fingerstyle. You also may need a nylon string acoustic guitar. I have an Aria $100 nylon string. Its great on your fingers. A friend made me buy it from her used and I am glad I did. Fingerpicking I far prefer pumping nylon to steel strings. In Bosa you learn a few jazz chords and there is a classic progression which you finger pick. Bosa Nova guitar players are fingering arpeggios with their right hand as they travel through the progression. Its soothing. It resolves harmonically in its own unique style. ii V7 is common. Plus you guitar virtuosos need to add as many facets to your playing as you can. Especially acoustic guitar trailblazers. Electric too. Spice it up. Broadly speaking Spanish style is akin to classical. Brazilian akin to jazz, the Bosa Nova. Also there is the time, the rhythm, that's unique as well. We start with eights notes against a quarter note rhythm. Bossa Nova is generally written in 2/4

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