Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques lesson I & II - Stefan Grossman Page One

Finally! This is the steady thumb alternating bass guitar lesson I have come across by Stefan Grossman where he shows us and gives us exercises for the left hand i.e., the finger picking hand.

In all of Stefan's other lessons (that I am aware of) he tells us that he hopes that the pamphlet and split screen view will be enough to get you fingerpicking. That's not something I was thrilled with. 

Because I know of, in my opinion, better basic learning finger style techniques and I am now giving you a heads up to that fact yet again!

So to say it in plain language if you are looking to learn finger picking and specifically 'steady thumb' this should be the first lesson of Stefan's you buy and then decide for yourselves if its enough for you to make good use of the rest of the material he presents to us.

There are other steady thumb guitar lessons and good books too for that matter, to help you learn the basics of guitar finger style and there is more than one approach: Spanish style guitar, country, folk, Chet Atkins style and blues. They all have points in common and many differences as well. Steady thumb is easy to show but harder to learn to do.

Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques lesson I & II - Stefan Grossman Page Two

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