Ritchie Blackmore ~ Danny Gill Page One

front cover Danny welcomes us and begins by explaining how this will be an "in the style of" guitar lesson focusing on Ritchie Blackmore's sound and style during his 'Burn" period. We get about 90 minutes worth of lesson time.

Danny will teach us over 30 licks using a three part backing track which he teaches us how to play under the Rhythm part of the menu.

He hybrid picks this using a Stratocaster guitar and various effects. This is a pretty good backing track and learning it will take some little time to hybrid pick and play it right.

This is no fancy finger style pattern. You are just basically plucking two strings and the low bass note as you make various power chords with your heavily distorted sound. If you can play bar chords this is pretty  easy.

There is menu section called Scales which goes on for almost 9 minutes where Danny tells us the scales that we will need to use to play the solos over the above backing track. Now this kills me. Its showing you grammar school material and expecting you to be able to play master class caliber Ritchie Blackmore guitar leads. The scales he uses are the major and minor pentatonics, the blues scale, the minor scale and harmonic minor.

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