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Hubert Sumlin Blues Guitar P1 - with Jimmy Vivino, Levon  Helm, David Johanson and Michael Merritt on bass

The blues music of Howling Wolf is where you have heard Hubert Sumlins' guitar playing. Classics like Smokestack Lightning, Little Red Rooster and Killing Floor.

These are creme de la creme royalty as far as blues-rock songs with licks covered by the Yardbirds, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and many more. There are secrets here to learn for those with eyes to see and ears to listen. Hubert is like the Blues Dali Lama - never a bad word and plenty of good energy and that glowing smile! Buddha may have had hands like that too.

Now most of these songs were written by Howlin Wolf and his buddy Willie Dixon but Hubert played in the band even if he didn't write the songs he had his own unique style to add.

So if you like Chester Burnett's (Howling Wolf) style, a lot of the reason, besides the Wolf's unique vocals and lyrics is his guitar player Hubert Sumlin.

I love Mr. Sumlin's 'in the pocket' upbeat city/country electric blues guitar style and you will too once you see how he has fun with it. Its his very own unique interpretation of the style and he owns it while making it look easy as pie and remaining somewhat humble! There are a lot of harmony and I iv V blues embellishments going on that will make you go: 'So that's how he does that!' or "I have always wanted to be able to do that!'

You are in good company! Moving from Arkansas to Chicago in 1954 Hubert Sumlin soon joined Howlin' Wolf's band. Besides a one year hitch with the great Muddy Waters as his sideman Hubert remained with Wolf until he passed on in 1976. Hubert also states he grew up with James Cotton another blues harmonic master and great singer too. There must have been something in that Arkansas water! Hanging out in Chicago he played with the likes of Otis Span, Buddy Guy, Willie Dixon, Hound Dog Taylor, Earl Hooker and many others.

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