Blues Guitar in 6 Weeks Jimi Hendrix Style/week 5
Steve Trovato
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Golleee! Its week 5 already of the American Blues Guitar in 6 weeks course and that means we learn guitar spankin' techniques that Jimi Hendrix himself was conversant and lighter fluid with.

Also our Stratocaster guitar sound is going to sound more like Hendrix than say BB King as in lesson 4.

Steve actually tells us he added some distortion to his guitar sound. Its unusual for licklibrary ever to mention their own guitar settings. There is no wah wah pedal activity however.

Since Jimi had a varied style  and could go from Let the Good Times Roll to Red House I clarify that in this guitar lesson we are talking the blues side of Hendrix as in Red House.

Naturally Steve continues on in the same vein as the previous guitar digitization  and tells us we are going to learn how to play over a slow blues progression in the key of A. We will use bending, vibrato, raking, the blues scale as well as repetitious phrasing to create tension.

We begin with a minor pentatonic scale in the key of A in the seventh position and its very similar to the previous lessons. Depending on where you are on the road to blues domination you will find this more or less of a virtue.

It sure wont do you any harm to follow along with this lesson if you are building foundation with the previous ones and other sources.

What Steve is doing is giving a us a wire frame sometimes using one octave and sometimes two of the pentatonic scale and variations thereon.

He introduces call and response and shows us how to play the same lick and then repeat it an octave higher. He shows you to how to slide back and forth between your pentatonic boxes that you should be practicing if you want to play authoritatively.

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