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The Allman Brothers, Best of ~ Dave Celentano Page One

front coverI like Dave Celentano and have a couple of other guitar lessons by him. He is personable but in this lesson, his rap is scripted.

Typical Hal Leonard corporate goose stepping. Its like guitar porn. Whoever writes this stuff perhaps missed their true calling.

In this Best of the Allman Brothers lesson he opens by reading an obviously prepared statement encapsulating the Allman Brothers and how he hopes to teach us some of their best stuff.

We then get to tune up to Dave one string at a time. Immediately afterwards we are deposited at the menu and get to pick whichever song we want to tackle. 

This guitar lesson is about 62 minutes long in total.

Geez! Now here is how I feel. I know this is going to be some work since the Allman Brothers were serious business musicians. I caught Greg live at the Channel in Boston doing his I Am No Angle tour but never saw Duane. Greg was good I have to give him that! That's song is not my favorite however but still it was a hit.

Anyway so which song do I know best? I know Whipping Post, Melissa, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Ramblin' Man and of course Jessica. I can't play any of them. I've never really tried to, being thus far, intimidated.

Now that I have built up some foundation, hopefully, perhaps all that solid practice time will let me reap benefits. Jessica! She was in our class. A good friend even married her!

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