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front cover Soulfully advanced I'd call it! And now that I've assimilated somewhat of its import... I'll even nail it as several styles one of which is jazz.

Andy also touches on reggae and rock. He teaches us several Police songs. Its mostly about the left hand and your note choices.

We are buying this because we are fans of Andy and the 'Police'.  Andy does his best to help us help ourselves and isn't above using effects to achieve and augment his groove.

Obviously We will get more out of it, having put in some guitar practice time.  And by owning some spacey effects too.

There are some decent learning aids like slow motion same pitch, a big booklet and excellent camera work!

Besides the underlying theory that you need to know. Your fingers need muscle memory.

Andy admits that a lot of his own technique is due to his playing fingerstyle about half the time. Fingerstyle adds a new dimension flat pickers should explore. And may find it requires, like flat picking, commitment to make 2nd nature.

We begin this lengthy (125 minutes) guitar lesson with Mr. Andy welcoming us. Immediately he says he is going to try get the lesson as close as possible to a live situation for us without becoming too academic. Huh?

Again there are a lot of jazz chords by the time its over! Learning those type of chords require study. Andy explains that he also studied classical guitar for many years. He then enjoins us to get our fingers on the strings ourselves. Fingerstyle we can wring more out of the guitar. He also uses a pick too for lines. I can't recall him hybrid picking.

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