Guitar Scale Shapes - Stuart Bull Page One

Scale Shapes are complicated and to be read visually would be the best way to approach memorizing their repeating interval patterns.

Sadly within this guitar presentation there is no pamphlet or even a digitally green .PDF.

Every body knows lickLIBRARY doesn't provide "paper" as in pamphlets. So since they no doubt want to know how their customers feel about that I'll tell them my sincere opinions.

Undaunted we shall assess this particular method and we immediately find it lacking!

Annoyed that we need a paper and pen to write down these patterns when we know perfectly well they can be written down for us in a pamphlet or .PDF file.

Or even shown to us on a screen. And explained in a structured and organized comprehensive manner. If this is your first exposure to scales prepare for a wall of confusion and pain as you try to make a comprehensive whole from the minutia.

Our Instructor himself even mentions it at the top of section 2 about Modes that this is an awful lot of complicated material and to just take our time.

But see, time is what we don't have any to loose of in this day and age. And there are better faster ways to initially envision this kind of material. Stuart does have some interesting points to make but if you aren't comfortable with the basics you will be lost.

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