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front cover I am not using the right cover for this to make you aware that I have two different reviews concerning Slash both by phenomenal axmeister Danny Gill.

One is the cover you see here. Guns and Roses and Slash with his Les Paul and trade mark cigarette minus hat.

The other is "In the Style of Slash" which we are reviewing on this page. The correct back cover is shown in this review however.

It tells us the licks we will be taught are in the key of E standard tuning and that there is one jam track.

Our instructor uses an ESP Stratocaster shape instead of a Gibson Les Paul. Cant tell the difference really. He never tells us his signal chain settings however.

So the other guitar lesson has songs and this one has solos (in the style of Slash). Danny Gill is a great guitar player and I tend to trust his lessons up to the point where I wish I had a pamphlet. I think the people at Licklibrary script his teaching plus they never offer a pamphlet. Instead wanting you to go to their site for the complete story and to be part of their online community. A recipe for dependence not independence.

There's another thing too: with a made up lick that you don't know already it can often become a play by numbers kind of lesson. In this guitar lesson by Danny, he will teach us 30 licks reminiscent of songs like 'Welcome to the Jungle', Night Train and 'Sweet Child of Mine'.

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