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front cover If you buy this because you like Joe Walsh you will be happy. Its only 43 minutes long however.

In the menu below I left out the fact that there is, in between menu items, cutaway footage of Joe mostly playing slide guitar in concert. Rocky Mountain Way for one.

This Joe Walsh guitar presentation has a bit of this and a bit of that but its mostly about slide guitar both electric and acoustic in open tuning.

I'd watched it previously of course and watched it again last night. This time I made a little diagram of the simple but effective way Joe and his buddy at the Gibson custom shop string guitars.

This is with guitars like Les Pauls and later he plays a Fender briefly for Funk 49. No Floyd Rose or fancy locking machine heads used or necessary. Joe has talent and although derivative he is often surprisingly original too and has 'the touch' especially for slide  guitar. He can sing and write too. He gives us tips on playing and singing.

Excellent Player & instructor Tom Kolb pops us halfway through to ask Joe a couple of guitar technique questions particularly about open tuning. The presentation goes out of its way to tune us up in the 2 open tunings that they use. G & E tuning.

Joe starts off showing us some cool things he does in Open G and mentions Topanga Canyon and Joni Mitchell and David Crosby using this very melodic mysterious tuning like its some big secret - its open G.

Open G is strung like this low to high: DGDGBE. Later we switch to E tuning EBEG#BE. If you want to get into to tunings for the first starting with Drop D is the conventional wisdom. Drop D isn't covered in this lesson. While in G tuning he tells us some ways Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones use open G.

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