Stevie Ray Vaughan, Best of ~ Greg Koch

 back coverHowdy Pardners! I additionally review a Stevie Ray Vaughan "Greatest Hits" guitar lesson by Greg Koch.

These SRV lessons are both equally recommended. I don't have precise run times for either because they don't give us any but they are not noticeably short or rushed.

I also review another SRV lesson by Jamie Humphreys which is slightly easier and is also a 2 disc set but sold together.

The songs are different between them is the only criteria. Signature Licks Presentations are generally, in my experience, of high standard.

No pamphlet however. These are not beginner guitar lessons.

You study long and hard to get up to SRV speed. But take heart! Greg Koch is here to show us how its done. As it were, if you will!

And so are a lot of other people whom I have studied thus far. No matter how low your guitar self esteem, If you are willing to put in the time, and study, you will be amazed! You have to want it!

But choose wisely or waste money on material you are not prepared for theoretically. I keep harping (pun intended) on this and have found some great lessons for beginners to learn to evolve from. Have a plan or suck.

front cover What happens in this particular learn guitar scenario is that for each song Greg gives us some background on his first hearing the particular SRV tune to be taught.

He then plays us the parts of the song with the band that he thinks capture the essence, the girth, of Stevie's omnipotence who, fuelled by Seagrams 7 and vegetable extracts made some incendiary music.

All the songs exposed to us here are worthy but I found Riviera Paradise the most haunting and also a good chordal work out just like the man say!

Its also my favorite SRV slow song where you can readily feel the T-Bone Walker Intro influence. Its not blues either.

Just as in the other lesson there is a sub menu for each composition with, in addition to the above choices: Intro, Band, Solo, Chorus and lesson depending on the songs arrangement.

So here we don't get the whole song beginning to end as we do in some other worthy Hal Leonard presentations. CCR, Doors, Nirvana, Hard Rock, Classic Rock.

Instead we get the coolest essential bits according to Greg. Our previously honed skill will fill in the blanks. Given enough effort and time.

Another thing that can get me stoked over Stevie is his Live at the Mocambo performance.

You can see his hands the whole time and I get charged up by his timing and stage presence! Watch and Learn!!!! The Stones played this club too! Also the Vaughan Brothers is a great disc. I also have the cd: Stevie with Albert King. Its good but, in my view, for die hard fans only. By virtue of the songs alone I'd choose which ever one of these 2 SRV guitar lessons I preferred first, then the other.

    Stevie Ray Vaughan, Best of ~ Greg Koch
  • E flat tuning with Greg
  • Ch 1: Empty Arms
  • Ch 2: Couldn't Stand the Weather
  • Ch 3: Aint Gonna Give Up on Love
  • Ch 4: Crossfire
  • Ch 5: The House is Rocking
  • Ch 6: Stangs Swang
  • Ch 7: Scuttle Buttin'
  • Ch 8: Riviera Paradise
  • Closing Jam

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