Drums For Kids the Zucchini Brothers

Drumming For Kids I took a chance on this for myself not wanting anything too challenging. Drumming for Kids I figure, how hard could it be?

I was right and I cant recommend this enough as a first introduction to Drums. You don't need a drum set but you do need drum sticks which vary in price.

I had never played drums and knew it was something I needed to understand to be a better musician and improve my sloppy rhythm.

I cant believe the difference and today am a like new guitar person rhythm wise. All with just with a few hours of effort on the drums and counting time out loud.

In fact I would make my kid take drum lessons just for coordinations sake. Its not even hard if you build it up as this drum lesson shows you how to do.

Our teacher Sam Zucchini doesn't call them rudiments but that's what they are. They make so much sense its insane. Its like the Higgs Boson particle and stuff and connects you with the other musicians but they are dependent on you and you are neutral. If a steady drummer, its you who provide the pulse, which holds things together.

Playing drums you forget about what key you are in and what chords & scales you need to play and concentrate on keeping the beat. Keeping time. This is a whole new ballgame worthy  of consideration.

OK so Sam and his two brothers, one with a guitar and one with a keyboard have this 3 piece ensemble. Our teacher is Sam the drummer. And he takes over from minute one.

Samuel has a set of drums but uses a short 2 step ladder and stool he has set up just in front of his drum kit.

So this is why you buy this. Deep inside you are going to yourself "I cant play drums" and if you actually had to buy a set of drums to find out that you really could you wouldn't because of the money.

A stepladder and pair of drum sticks on the other hand, is far easier and helps you keep face in case of anyone else being negative.

Quit worrying. This is liberating. You can do it. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Start here, do it in your own good time. See my next step Drumming for Beginners where we get a practice set of drums for 140 fiat.

    Menu Drumming for Kids
  • Getting Started
  • Count 1-2-3-4 w/Right Hand
  • Count 1-2-3-4 w/Left Hand
  • Keep Counting Keep Drumming
  • Count 1-2-3-4 w/both Hands
  • A Measure
  • R-R-L-L Pattern
  • L-L-R-R
  • Count 1-2-3 w/right Hand
  • Count 1-2-3 w/left Hand
  • Count 1-2-3 w/both Hands
  • Count Eighth Notes
  • Song
  • Hear Say Play
  • 2 Hands 1 Foot
  • Foot & Right Hand Together
  • 2 Hands
  • Right Hand and Foot
  • Left hand and Foot
  • Both Hands and Foot
  • You Drum with Band
  • Summary Outro

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