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front cover I recommend this as a BUY! If you want to learn some of the best Doors songs on guitar this will teach you how!

This is Vol. 13 and another Hal Leonard Play Along Guitar Lesson with Doug Boduch. This has eight Doors songs and the whacky 4 screen display just like the rest in the series likely do. Since all 3 DVD lessons of this series which I own also do, I figure the rest do too but I cant be 100% sure. There is a proliferation of titles available that is for sure.

While camera angle is extremely important in seeing clearly the fingers of the instructor, so is written material. As in Chord Charts, Scale Diagrams and Tablature. This lesson very considerately offers those too but only 'on screen' however making them superior compared to lessons which offer none what so ever. Licklibrary for one. Oddly however, I cant find a way to print any of that out. The back cover informs us we are getting 123 minutes in total guitar learning time! I don't see no stinkin' pamphlet or .PDF file either muchahos.

Good thing there is 'on screen' because personally I don't see what is so much better with this camera view angle thing they use here. Oft times you still cant make out the exact fingerings. Plus its players view? Upside down FCOL! Not to worry because the on screen chord charts make up for that. On screen means you'll need to copy the material on to good old fashioned paper in case you forget. The songs words or lyrics are thoughtfully supplied so the paper gives you a place to keep notes.

Now I'll pay my respect to Doug Boduch, our instructor, who works for the Hal Leonard Corporation and probably has a higher degree in music from the conservatory. A Baccalaureate maybe. Still Doug reads from a script and sticks to the most germane issues at hand. He could be a little less stiff but it doesn't detract from the lesson as far as I can tell. But what do I know? Doug seems like a nice young man and can play the guitar like the dickens. That means he's good! Still, when called to, in other guitar lessons, I've seen him finger pick a lot and play in all kinds of tunings. Less skilled Axe Murderers might object. Lets see if he does that here. Not really its all standard tuning and flat picking with a tad of pinching.

So by now you have long since figured out I like the Doors having bought the DVD. I have also seen the Doors live in concert in Milwaukee Wisconsin back in 1967 when I attended St. John Military Academy which is near by Delafield. That's my claim to fame in life. Having seen the Doors live! Oh and also being able to spit shine my shoes so bright I can see the cracks of my teeth in them! Later I learned to like Wisconsin particularly the friendly ladies! They also make Harley Davidson Motor Cycles and even host the Hal Leonard Corporation there too! Say Cheese!

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