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In my opinion most all these technique guitar lessons ought to have you practicing your chops up to speed over guitar chord partial patterns with a metronome.

Many don't even mention a metronome. This doesn't. They should also have pamphlet. Cant seem to find one here.

So it helps you to at least have a vague idea about notes and chord formation and triads ahead of time.

Arpeggios and two handed tapping also are triad inspired/based.

This Sweep Picking 6 string guitar electric guitar presentation echoes my concerns.

Of course you always see something new or a new way to apply the techniques and that's what gives these guitar lessons what worth they have. 

For someone looking for a more hands on approach to using these triads to their best advantage this guitar lesson may unlock some of the mystery of triads for you but it wont unlock them all.

One way to play a triad on the top three strings is to make a chord out of it like the Clash or Bob Marley did to name just two.

Off beat only playing the up stroke. Reggae! The E and the Ah. I have seen everybody from Joe Bonamassa to Social Distortion to the Black Keys using these triads in a rock manner too.

Another way is to arpeggiate the triad and that's what we are doing here. Our goal a strict 130 bpm or faster. Bear in mind that it doesn't have to be that fast for you to learn a lot and gain neck awareness and finger agility.

Seeing the triad shapes in action is an "ah so" Confucian moment . There are 5 backing tracks of varied speeds to jam too. See menu Below.

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