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In this lesson II We dive right into Drop D tuning introduced to us in lesson one - and I definitely needed to watch that a few times to get into the spirit of things and be reading off the same page as Happy. In fact if you do just one thing its get that initial alternating thumb/pinch pluck thing down solidly - you can take this guitar technique with you a long way! You don't have to be in Drop D tuning either - standard tuning  and a E chord work just fine.

I wont pretend to have spent a lot of time on this and lesson III of the 3 lesson set or to have mastered its tenents. I will give it a good perusal and like Pausanius describe what I see. I have good feelings about lesson one and know buying it was a good idea but discs two and three could have waited perhaps having only so many hours in the day and being more familiar with other guitar styles. However I know that I like SRV and I see a lot of fret board 1-4-5 moves that SRV used and flat picked. So it follows learning how to finger pick those moves could only be good for me. Watch SRV Live at the Macambo.

Turns out there are all kinds of drop D tuning I just read in Guitar World but this particular one we just change one string down a whole step E to D. The fattest lowest string our low E. So check out the menu below to get a real good idea of what the curriculum offers. OK there is nothing loud and flashy here. Its harder than you think but folksy. Its real pretty and this whole lesson II is about 5 Drop D arrangements. Its American as all get out.

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