Beyond Basics Rock Guitar Rhythm Chops Page One
Nick Nolan - Guitar Institute G.I.T.

I like this rock lesson guitar lesson! You'll need your basic guitar and toys chained together to get the sound that Nick Nolan uses as he presents this guitar lesson to us - Amplifier, basic distortion pedal and electric guitar.

This nice fat paraphonic sound hides a lot of our mistakes too! A good drum machine would be a great learning tool to own too. A Metronome without question.

If you don't don't own an electric guitar yet well here is a good reason to go and buy one!

Plus these days for short change you can buy either a small tube or solid state amp for your bedroom. A Roland cube. A Fender. A Hughes and Kettner tubemeister. A Line Six spider jam!!


This guitar lesson aptly called Beyond Basics is manageable if you are not totally brand spanking new to the fret board. In my opinion you need already be able to play some bar chords or have a desire to learn to play them.

Basic E shape and A shape bar chords are where to start really. The E shape is your tonic and the A and B your IV and V chords. If you are at the fifth fret then A is the tonic (or the I chord) and D and E the four and five respectively. Billy Gibbons is always saying the secret to ZZTops success is to only use three chords in their songs. Three Chord Rock! There is a lot you can do with it as you will see here its not just the chords but the rhythm too.

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