The Art of Blues Rhythm by Robben Ford Clinic Page One

I like Robben Fords earlier blues playing a lot but this guitar lesson is from later in his career and reflects his style now.

This is way beyond beginner level and has more to do with jazz. Now some folks like Miles Davis say 'its all blues' but there are levels and there are levels.

Robben has had a long career and this lesson is from the more recent part of it. So listen to some of his latest releases and see if you like it and decide if you are ready for it.

In other words his earlier work was bluesier than this. In my opinion this should be called 'Intro to Jazz comping'.

This feel good fest is in my opinion only for electric players who already know their way around the guitar fairly decently and want to learn jazzier voicings. A clinic means its like a class room so we aren't in a one on one setting with close in camera work and maybe two or three different cameras.

A potential problem depending on ones eyesight is we can not see his fingers properly as the camera is too far away to get a really good view!

Its only a decent view. Another problem is that he sometimes plays too fast. The biggest problem is the emphasis on the left hand vs the right hand which is, if you are right handed, the controlling rhythmic hand. Still there is no question you will learn how advanced players think and try to make the same old, same old a bit different - or a lot different. There is a lot of good stuff here if you are prepared enough to take advantage of it. But its not his old Chicago Blues by a long shot.

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