John Petrucci ~ Rock Discipline Page One

front cover This 2 hours long guitar lesson  opens with a short segment of John Petrucci playing some of his fusion rock.

The he has us put our guitars down and do some shoulder and fore arm bends and stretches to warm our muscles up. This is great and a very important subject! Something guitar lessons almost always neglect.

Pain and complications from excessive guitar activity can develop later. So if it starts to hurt your technique is perhaps wrong but take a break regardless. Here you will see quite a few great simple stretches for your hands, wrists and shoulders. Great idea!

Then we start with left and right hand fret board enunciation exercises that we will combine later. We are working on the stretching and independence of each left hand finger and do finger aerobics high up the neck. Basically John is showing us his routine and he knows what he is talking about as a gigging, professional musician who has spent years learning his craft and now living the dream.

So once again this is advanced for a total newbie or even later. There are awkward stretches and voicings difficult if your hands are not used to this kid of thing. I guess that's the whole point is to open up your hands in new ways. He plays and teaches these slowly which a nice touch.

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