Angus Young, In the style of ~ Jamie Humphreys Page One

front cover OK this is in the style of Angus Young of AC/DC fame whose brother Malcolm recently retired due to illness. Dementia. Relatively young in his early 60's! Yikes! A nephew will step in on rhythm guitar. That's what I like to see, keeping it in the family. Heck rotating people into the band? That way the band could go on forever. The franchise that is.

Anyway no AC/DC songs here exactly but a lot to learn about Angus' sound and technique. Jamie Humphreys is our guitar pontiff and using some non-Angus equipment instead of a Gibson SG and Marshall with no effects he is playing a Music Man guitar and a Cornford UK made tube amplifier. Crunch like you read about! Almost that Marshall plexi sound that incidentally a Carl Martin Plexi effects pedal will enable. I have one and use it with a Blackheart/Crate 3 or 5 watt clean tube amp. When I want to hear a guitars true tone I use  that amp alone or my Fender Super Champ XD on its clean setting.

Lesson start is the Scales and Techniques section where Jamie shows us a scale and then expects that to be enough and for us to go buy his fret board navigator series of lessons where we will get the real lesson. He shows us a Bm chord and its pentatonic and then again for a Dm.

 back coverThere is no pamphlet. He goes quite fast and I become annoyed by this excuse for a lesson. Then he does Cm and like its your fault if you don't know what he is doing because you didn't buy his fret board navigator. Scales by numbers now put it all together and aren't you glad you didn't buy this yet.

He's got so much signal chain there is no way you will have the same and I find that quite arrogant on the producers part. This is more confusing than amusing if you don't know how to combine scales or have clean guitar business. So I bet his fret board navigator doesn't have a pamphlet either - we are going to keep buying licklibrary presentations 'till we find one with the pamphlet in it. NOT!

Then he flogs his Randy Rhodes and David Gilmore lessons. (13:00)

Finally he teaches us a cool lick from the AC/DC song off Razors Edge: Thunder Struck with single string 3 note arpeggios using the open string either high E or the B string. This is almost like tapping. OK I liked that. So that's how he does that! I could do that! I done did it sort a. What else you got?

    Angus Young, In the style of ~ Jamie Humphreys ~ @ 86 minutes of lesson time
  • Ch 1: Play All Lessons
  • Ch 2: Scales & Techniques (21:53)
  • Ch 3: 1st Solo 16:06
  • Ch 4:  2nd Solo 10:47
  • Ch 5: 3rd and Middle 8 Solo 21:29
  • CH 6: 5th Solo 9:37
  • Ch 7: Sound & Equipment 7:36
  • Ch 8: Performances of Jamie
  • Ch 9: 1 Jam Track
  • Ch 10: Buy More DVD Guitar Lessons
  • Ch 11: Credits

Do I have to paint you a picture? No but I will anyway. The good and the bad.

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