The Doors ~ Doug Boduch Page Three

Light My Fire was the Doors first break out hit. We learn all the parts: Am triad 5th fret to F#m top 4 strings and Am in the open position. We are shown on screen teaching aids of value worth copying:  a chart of the A Dorian scale and another of the Am scale in the 5th position. The chorus is in D and there is an Am to Bm vamp. Its a long song popularized by its shorter radio version.

Ray Manzarek &Jim MorrisonI would say that this is the song you should spend some time on because of its nice guitar friendly use of triads on the upper strings as well as the minor stuff and diatonic harmony shown linearly on the neck. Also you will learn it properly and maybe turn some pretty heads. It sounds like finger picking but he is doing it with a flat pick which you need to learn how to do to remain a flat picker. Hybrid picking is probably the ideal. But this works too. Visually impaired Jose Feliciano made a name for himself out of this song practically. Certain chord progression pull at the heart strings and this is a good example. Its been over played no question.

Riders on the Storm Doug tells us coalesced out of the band working on the old standard Ghost Riders in the Sky. We are shown on screen teaching aids of value worth copying: A chart of the E minor pentatonic scale, then E Dorian, then chords with tab either players view or wide.  If I was going to learn rock piano by copying somebody it would be the late lamented Ray Manzarek. Great Song!

Love me Two Times is one of my all time favorite Doors songs. Key of E. Doug shows us the most excellent Intro lick and then all the chords with on screen charts. Then we choose our viewing pleasure. Mines wide view. What's nice is the whole song is on here from beginning to end. I read in an interview that Robbie made this lick up dividing old John Lee Hooker style licks and recombining them. Brilliant. Has to be one of the best riffs ever and he switches the hammer on back around too just for fun as you'll see here. You'll need to write these chords down to get the turnaround down properly. I needed to anyway.

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