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After spending some serious time with Rhythmology I discovered its the equivalent of 3 lessons worth of excellent rhythm guitar instruction. 60 Videos and 368 minutes worth.

That's a lot of value. What's particularly nice is you get to choose between these styles: Blues, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Funk and Rock that you want to learn. Twang and Acoustic show up in part 3.

Brad instructs us in a very solid way after you get used to his style. Unfortunately, and I understand its been rectified in more current versions....

This isn't a lesson per say. Its  CD-ROM compatible only piece of software from TrueFire. Basically I avoid the early versions of the TrueFire player. Its says it will go full screen. This is a cruel clown joke. The I-frame this affectation of a player is in will go full screen but the player stays a dinky 4 and half inches diagonally.

You can drag and drop the I-frame 'till you are blue in the face but the lesson window stays the same 4.5 inches. I think they have made improvements to the player recently so their newer version expand some and is much better. Too bad! Can I have my money back?

As Bugs Bunny might say "Guitar playing isn't for despicable quitters" If you are still here good for you! Notice that there are beginners rhythm lesson reviews on this site where I heap praise. If you are a novice of some standing and hungry for higher guitar knowledge then this is worthy. This Rhythmology single disc could have been a big seller for TrueFire. Maybe it was. There is a lot of excellent guitar rhythmic instructional knowledge to be gleaned here if you can put up with the small window.

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