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Both of these scales (C major and A minor) use the exact same natural notes starting on a different note C vs. A.

Here is the C scale or the Ionian Mode: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do. The sixth note of this scale is La (A) and the 6th will always be the relative minor and it uses the exact same notes. One scale but starting on different notes give us minor and major modes. Which depends on the patterns you play, what note you start each pattern on.

All the patterns come from the major scale. It makes sense to learn the major scale first. C D E F G A B C' D' E' F' G'  (A minor scale) A" B" C" D" E" F" G" A B C.

It makes sense to learn chord scales at this point to drive home these concepts. Some people tell you that if you are only going to learn one scale it should be the pentatonic but that is debatable.

Next is the second half of the menu called Minor and Major Modes and there is a lot of information here that is relevant. Information is of value if its useful but if you aren't ready for it you will gnash your teeth and wring your hands.

It wont do you any harm to watch this as long as you don't get discouraged. If you have a good reference book that you have actually studied then you are likely to get out of this guitar lesson some practical advice that you can maybe even use.

Modes should be taught after you know your theory concerning major and minor scales and major an minor pentatonic scales as in section one. Remember the Holy Grail? Its the plainest cup, not the fanciest.

Stuart apologizes and says he is desperately not trying to make this confusing but the subject is confusing like it or not. You need a guitar reference book!

Stuart we love ya and you do have several other guitar lessons which I have found easier to come to grips with. In future think about a pamphlet real hard as this is a crowded field.

    Guitar Scale Shapes - Stuart Bull
  • Ch 1: Play All Lessons
  • Ch 2: Pentatonic scales:
  • A minor
  • Am Jam,
  • C minor Jam,
  • Eb minor Jam
  • F# minor Jam
  • The Blues Scale
  • Major Pentatonic Scale
  • Ch 3: Minor and Major Modes
  • Ch 4: Dorian
  • Ch 5: Phrygian
  • Ch 6: Aeolian
  • Ch 7: Locrian
  • Ch 8: Ionian
  • Ch 9: Lydian
  • Ch 10: Mixolydian

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