Roots Rock Workshop Hybrid Picking ~ Pete Anderson Page One

front cover Pete sets the scene musically with a real nice little impromptu quartet of electric guitar and bass, accordion and drums.

Pete is a hybrid picker which could have been this lessons alternate title.

I'd say that this is one good place to learn Hybrid Picking from a master of styles.

First off Pete casually plucks out some really tasty Irish jig shanty music on his guitar and by cunningly moving the forefinger of his left hand up and down a fret plays arpeggios with three strings and finger styles his right hand fingers to great effect.

Nice! Real Nice. No ego just straight shooting guitar learnin'. The whole band gets introduced and they seem pleased to be there too!

Pete is a big exponent of Hybrid picking and says its his main style. It offers the most tonal advantages.

As a fellow picker I also recommend that you learn to Hybrid Pick first if at all possible. Pete's been playing since a boy and already finger picked a different way, so, had, via other changes along the way to retrain his fingers. His playing is so fluid  that's it has me saying to myself; Jeez! That sounds pretty good!

Maybe I should huckle down and learn that picking pattern! He talks about using your fingernails in conjunction with, how to hold and palm the pick and in general shines a light on many a string nuance. That's in the first 10 minutes. If I wanted to learn hybrid picking I would for sure give the Pete Anderson lesson here a go!

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