Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar Vol 1 ~ Page One

front cover Larry Coryell's Vol. 1 Jazz guitar lesson is 84 minutes long and has a more than decent 28 page pamphlet which newly hatched jazz guitar students are going to cling to from minute one.

Larry starts us off at the beginning with the major scale at the 12th fret rather than at the head stock and takes it from there. You may notice that Larry is playing a Gibson Super 400 jazz guitar. Nice!

If this is your first exposure to guitar this is a sobering place to start unless you are a stoked & motivated student willing to put in the time.

I'll assume you are a motivated student and tell you right now that you aren't going to learn to play jazz guitar from this lesson alone! Its a start but its incomplete. Its a great overview. Personally I bought this because I like Larry Coryell and have been listening to his music for years. I am not a big jazz fan either. But I am a guitar player and after a while wanted to learn more about the guitar and lucked into this great jazz book which I also recommend to you in addition to this Larry Coryell lesson. The book is very thorough and complete and when I need to look up the Mixolydian scale or minor pentatonic or diatonic major and minor 7 chord scales I know they are in there. If I wanted to do the book in a linear manner I would no doubt be able to solo over II V I changes with more zest. 

I have practiced my pentatonic scales a lot, perhaps too much, to the point they are ingrained. Or I just think they are. And for 3 years every day and then I switched over to the major scales and arpeggios and am used to thinking pentatonic. Jazz is primarily major scale oriented. And that's what you will be learning here.

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