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front cover As soon as you hear Chris Duarte say that you, yourself, and you alone, are responsible for doing your guitar music theory home work, you hear the sound of truth.

Truth is good and not always pretty. Chris is in slack tuning for this one and that's each string tuned down a half step. This mostly flat picked guitar lesson is 63 minutes in length and there 'aint NO pamphlet or .PDF. Too bad!

Know this: In this meeting of 4 fingers and 6 strings you are NOT going to be shown the guitars fret boards' basics. You will hear about them but you will only be shown where Chris himself has taken those basics. He shows us this to inspire us to be better players and to practice. That's his rationale anyway for making this guitar presentation and us paying for it.

Also Chris talks to us about what its like for him playing guitar for a living in REAL LIFE after having learned another set of basics: the music industry basics. And how both those basics have morphed into a greater understanding of the guitar as your instrument of survival and conquest. This is valuable eye opening advice for someone who may be taking into consideration all the time you must devote to a musical career, years learning, then maintaining your chops, the hours, the road and the competition of a saturated market.

You have to love music. Sure it helps if you are talented and can sing, look good and have a musical environment to grow up in. Being nurtured or bred to it has resulted in far more stars than its romantic to think.

Practice Methods We need to practice, need a metronome, should start simply with major and minor scales right on the beat. Only its ruined for a beginner by the fact he has it set way too fast and races through two octaves of the scale. He then tells us to start of slow! How ironic. He recommend learning the major scale on the 3rd fret scale up the neck and then back down. This is a tease. A serious student reads their guitar reference book for a course of study. That in hand this Chris Duarte DVD could provide corroborative evidence as to techniques and focus.

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