Rockabilly Guitar - featuring Troy Dexter Page One

Troy explores the guitar styles of of rockabilly innovators and pioneers including Scottie Moore, Carl Perkins, Brian Setzer, Eddie Cochran, Jimmie Vaughan and Duane Eddy. There is a well printed 30 page pamphlet containing music notation, Tab and chord charts too! Thank You Troy.

Of my few gripes, one is that Troy goes a tad fast on occasion through some of our guitar hero demonstrations and performances where he actually plays some pretty good stuff I'd have liked to see more of. Troy what's up with that?

Also the camera angles could be much better. Those guitar lesson cardinal sins aside, this digital disc presentation is only 48:17 minutes in length. In that time however it manages to be a well laid out and informative rockabilly guitar lesson with quite a few nice guitar moves worth melding into your ever deepening pool of experience.

Troy reminds us that rockabilly is a melange, a mix, like a salad with tangy vinaigrette dressing. Its got several complimentary flavours all played at the same tempo usually and each caresses your pallet in a different way. With almost never a dull moment you don't know what to expect and the often balls to the wall rhythm of it gets your blood boiling and makes you want to dance or jam your foot down on the accelerator and go 110 mph!

In other words we 'aint in Kansas any more Toto! You can't just sit around on your bed playing the C Am F G 4 chord outlaw love song. You have to be cock sure footed like a billy goat and grok a few styles before you can build up a psychobilly I mean rockabilly attitude.  Troy enumerates the styles for us which you can detect in the various 'Billy' styles out there: Blues, traditional Big Band jazz  from the 40's, early rock and roll and a heap of country. Should we add Punk? Hell yes! Makes you proud to be an American. I believe Troy is Canadian. OK, a North American. Have you heard that German national American Country band? Unreal.

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“There are two golden rules for an orchestra: start together and finish together. The public doesn’t give a damn what goes on in between.”
― Thomas Beecham