Shredding/Tapping with Arpeggios - Danny Gill Page One

I cant say enough good things about this Danny Gill guitar lesson presentation. I recommend it!

OK it doesn't have a pamphlet but if you get out your pad and pencil and write down the minimal stuff that you need to - which isn't a lot in this particular lesson you will get a lot out of it.

I did and still practice every day what I learned here and its open up the neck for me and a big way.

I admit I don't do some of the advanced tapping and string skipping but have come a long way anyway.

Danny starts us out with explaining what arpeggios are and why we need them to never hit a bad note again - or at least that's the general idea.

We start with basic 3 note arpeggio shapes we maybe never considered before that are partially familiar. They pretty much follow the c-a-g-e-d chord scale shapes.

The chords used commonly in guitar playing are major and minor, augmented, diminished chords and 7th chords so those are the most common chords to get arpeggiated.

There are three note arpeggios on two strings and four note arpeggios on three strings or you can play even more strings and other creative things.

For those of you itching to get cracking the good news is the three note exercises from jam #1 are where you learn to play without memorizing all these notes from the very first section all over the fret board.

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