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Consequently, and because this is not the first time I have come upon this omission, I recommend several guitar reference books ideal for this sort of getting an overview learning.

Or at least more ideal than this. Do you want to really hang on to out intrepid instructors every word endlessly replaying and starting and stopping and trying to get it just so when a picture is worth a thousand words? I don't think so.

Get a good reference book and familiarize yourself and then come back for the deeper concepts presented and there are a few.

As far as I can make out it Stuart is trying to innumerate for us a system of playing melody in the same position but using different patterns as you would if you were playing a lead over a one-four-five progression and moving the pattern to that chord position.

Great idea but to learn all that in a short segment like this with no written material to refer to isn't shooting for the stars as educational standards go. Its awkward! I want to love this but am hamstrung and have watched it 5 times. He doesn't give us any exercises to practice either.

If you are just learning the notes - the thing to bear in mind is that if you know what the notes are on the bottom two strings you also know them on the D and G strings too.

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