Guitar Tremelo Bar Techniques - Michael Casswell Page One

This guitar lesson should be called almost everything you ever wanted to know about the tremelo arm but were afraid to ask!

Its great. Its obvious but I'll say it anyway: You better at the very least have a guitar with some kind of a tremelo system and a amplifier if you want to get to square one of these electric guitar techniques.

I have one gripe and even though Mike Casswell is one of my favorite Licklibrary instructors thus far he hasn't told us how he gets this Jeff Beck type sound.

I wasn't looking for Jeff Becks sound when I bought this but if you are going to rub our noses in it the whole length of the lesson at least tell us how to achieve it too!

That's my biggest complaint about this guitar lesson. Per usual, licklibrary provides no pamphlet but you don't miss it much in this particular lesson.

OK he has not one but two Jeff Beck signature Strats but I don't think that's the whole story behind the sound. Some amp and guitar chain settings would be helpful Mike! I went on line and found some info.

The Jeff Beck guitar sound I hear is from the Blow by Blow release and his guitar chain sound from equipment like those perhaps. Some of this guitar equipment costs serious coin so don't take my word for it and run out and spend a lot of money to get this sound without some other opinions too. I don't pretend to know everything.

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