Carl Verhayen ~ Intervallic Rock Page One

front cover Carl says Hi and then we tune up together. Or try to. Using a pale blue Fender Stratocaster our guitar teacher gives us an 'A' chord instead of the usual tune each string one at a time approach.

That tells you right away this is an advanced 6 string electric guitar presentation. Now you know!

Carl starts making a lot of sense about "lines", musical lines of notes made of major and minor seconds. Line that makes sense using tension and resolution to go somewhere and comeback. Does what he show us here really do that? I am not so sure.

Carl knows all about the more basic levels of rock and blues guitar playing and by delineating their boundaries shows us how to break out of the same old same old.

He shows us how he does it anyway. And all of a sudden from talking G minor we segue way into him telling us to get the G Dorian scale under our fingers down pat! He plays G Dorian from a poor camera angle really fast.

I reach for my .PDF file looking for the G Dorian scale because he acts like he just taught it to us which he did not. Its not in there. From there it goes down hill. He plays so fast, and blazes out so many examples it boggles the ear. Big Intervallic jumps which are played without regard for us poor students with intervals so large they make no real sense. OK we get the idea of it perhaps. Its amorphous or without form. Can you dance to it? No!

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