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harmony and theory back cover Classic Rock! If you like these songs in the menu below then you should seriously consider buying this guitar instructional.

For me, everyone of these songs is worth knowing.

Born to be Wild is a lot easier than I thought the way he shows it to us and Tush is too. Its sounds spot on. Taken Care of Business is great too but you can see the backing track is a big part of the song.

I absolutely love Tom Petty and only wish someone would put out a presentation of his songs or maybe they have already.

If you have access to the music itself you can always play along but if you had this guitar knowledge you would have the advantage of a pros' advice as you played along and save yourself a bunch of time.

I do recommend training your ear by listening and playing along to music but once in a while you need to touch base with a teacher!  Especially in the beginning so you practice it properly and don't reinforce mistakes.

    Menu 8 Classic Rock Songs - Doug Boduch
  • Ch 1: Aqualung - Jethro Tull
  • Ch 2: Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf
  • Ch 3: Day Tripper - The Beatles
  • Ch 4: Message in a Bottle - The Police
  • Ch 5: Oye Como Va - Santana
  • Ch 6: Refugee - Tom Petty
  • Ch 7: Takin' Care of Business
  • Ch 8: Tush - ZZ Top
  • Ch 9: Guitar Techniques
  • Ch 10: Jam Along Songs
  • Ch 11: Practice Tips
  • Running Time 1hr 22 min.

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