Classic Surf Guitar Vol. 2 - Dan Warner Page One

I just finished writing a favorable review for Volume 1 of the Classic surf series featuring Dan Warner and his Epiphone ES-175 guitar.

I recommended that surf guitar presentation and I also recommend this follow up Classic Surf-Spy-Rockabilly (or Volume 2).

And for a lot of the same reasons but this time our instructor also uses an Epiphone ES-335 guitar.

Surf guitar enthusiasts might want to read that Vol. 1 guitar lesson review as well as this one.

I'll say off the bat that besides the different tunes we are taught, Vol. II has a slightly more extensive guitar tips, tricks, techniques section to it than Vol. I.

And of direct bearing to this Surf style. Its short and focuses on tremolo picking and even has some other instances where you might throw in some tremolo riffing too.

In my considered opinion we need tremolo picking in our Guitar Gear head Tool Box and including it here is interesting enough but if you really want to improve your guitar technique I suggest guitar chop builder which is all about these fret board techniques: double picking, tremolo picking, triplets, scales and so on. I have tried these and they work!

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