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Stuart Bull is our instructor for this Brian Setzer focused guitar lesson. He teaches us 5 of Brians best songs as you can see in the menu below.

There is minimal hybrid picking and no fingerpicking so this could be the Rockabilly guitar lesson you have been looking for!

Stuart is playing a Fender Stratocaster with factory installed Floyd Rose tremelo system and his guitar has two single coil and one humbucking pickup in the bridge position.

I don't hear a heck of a lot of delay being used or much effects at all although there is bound to be some.

I breezed through to the performances sections of this guitar lesson and saw something I liked a lot!

I repeat There is hardly any hybrid picking and no finger picking. There is a manageable, minimal bit here and there that will get you used to the idea of hybrid picking but wont throw you off the whole lesson if you cant hybrid pick.

How many times has that happened to me? A few! I am learning to hybrid pick and my particular organic approach is to use a couple of really good guitar fingerpicking books and lessons.

Stuart even has a guitar lesson devoted to hybrid picking so read my review of that too even though its not as in depth as some of the others, it has its value.

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― Robert Schumann