Rockabilly: The Guitar of Brian Setzer Page Five

Then Brian changes to an ornate Gibson Arch top and pays a straight 8 bar blues and then he changes the chords completely a la Freddie Green. This; ex 38, is a a rhythm guitar lesson fest but its jazz mostly. Brian is trying to be different and that's so rockabilly. He has all the moves down so can play the guitar with them. Then he shows us how to solo over some nice chord changes and then substitute chords remembering the bass player. He plays some cool things in Bb instead of A explains the theory to you briskly. Some I IV V changes too along with the II V I.

Next we have a rather excellent solo performance of "Rock This Town". Brians on top of his game and gives us a show! He breaks out the wah-wah pedal towards the end. Brian pretty much always looks at his hands when he plays except when he sings. We move on to a Drop D tuned guitar segment where he explains/plays Rock this Town and some other cool tricks  and throws us some curve ball moves.

Ex 44 is a jazz bolero boogie type thing. He recaps with his preference to mix up all the styles and plays Hot Rod Lincoln - different from Commander Cody version but real nice albeit only for 8 bars.

He closes with a full solo performance of Eddie Cochran's 20 Flight Rock. A great guitar players song even if the lyrics were Warren Commission approved.

This is a must for any serious guitar player thinking about rockabilly and if you know your jazz chords already then you owe it to yourself to check this out. Its unique. Its Brian Setzer.

    The Guitar of Brian Setzer
  • Introduction
  • Rhythm Playing and Picking techniques
  • "Too Hip Gotta Go" Accompaniment ex 1-9
  • "Too Hip Gotta Go" Solo ex 10-22
  • Fingerpicking and chord based riffs ex23
  • Performance and explanation "Double Stop" ex 24
  • Single string Bop runs ex 25-27
  • Effects pedals
  • Tricks, Riffs and Licks ex 28-33
  • Bending ex 34-35
  • Pull-offs ex 36
  • Double string riffs in 'E'
  • Delay
  • Performance: "Sleepwalk"
  • The Blues "Drink that bottle Down"
  • Substituting Chords and Soloing ex 38-40
  • Performance "Rock This Town"
  • Drop D tuning Chords and Riffs ex 41-43
  • Chord Melody ex 44
  • Closing remarks
  • Performance "Twenty Flight Rock"

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