Rockabilly: The Guitar of Brian Setzer Page Three

The guitar lesson starts off with Brian showing us how he holds his pick and then how he tucks the pick up within the crease of the first phalange of his forefinger thereby leaving only three fingers plus thumb to finger pick with he does this practically every other bar. Call it what you will: hybrid picking, finger picking or just plain picking its a key feature to pulling off this style with elan.

Brian also talks about leaving space and holes in your rhythm playing so you can throw in some finger picking. He doesn't come out and tell us so (but the menu below does).

He uses the song in the key of G "Too Hip Gotta Go" to demonstrate which isn't all that difficult a song chord wise - but throw in the finger picking aspect with the right hand and pinky and other embellishments with the fretting hand and its gets more so. We are at ex 8/9 at this point.

Then he shows us a solo he might do over the song and the good news is a lot of it is flat picked with a small amount of finger style. He explains both techniques really well and here is where you want to have a tremelo bar on your guitar.

By the time you reach ex 22 he has broken down the solo into its components and you realize that here is a good guitar teacher not holding back. Give us more.

The next segment Brian says is about finger pickin' and we hear some Mystery Train style Travis pickin' and Suzi Q Screaming Jay Hawkins licks but at first he doesn't really teach you finger picking its more about what he is doing with the left hand and the camera work could be tighter. This more a performance piece. I am not sure where on the menu this is. Ex 23-27 basically. He explains a lot of his fret board work however.

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