Rockabilly: The Guitar of Brian Setzer Page Two

harmony and theory back coverBrian shines as a vocalist too. To pull his stuff off in a convincing way he needs to be able to play guitar well enough to sing and accompany himself with the guitar and then switch over at will to guitar driven segments of the song and back again. He shows us some cool licks some of which are less difficult than others.

So within this Brian Setzer 2006 digital guitar presentation you have one of Rockabilly's biggest stars actually teaching you some of the time and performing some of the time too.

There are a few awkward camera moments during performances when we, spell bound, like deer in the headlights are forced to look at Brians face when we should have prime views of both his hands.

This was, as a Hot Licks presentation, originally a VHS tape which was digitized and added special features like slow motion but not changing the pitch, split views, and they have tab - not very clear on screen tab however, flashed up there momentarily during the actual lesson segments displayed on the screen.

Last but not least they have composed a well printed and hefty 40 odd page pamphlet with musical notation and tab but omitting any chord charts.  There are quite a few extended chords you'll need to fret.

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