Guitar Tremelo Bar Techniques - Michael Casswell Page Five

beck pedals 2If you don't it will give you plenty of potentialities to pursue in future and quite a bit to practice in your own unique 'as is' way at the present time.

If you have gone the Bigsby route that style has a slap back echo effect most associated with it and you should check out the Chop Tops for some great semi-dry rockabilly sounds using the tremelo arm on a Gretch. The Meteors, Hellbillies, Brian Setzer and Horton Heat are excellent Gretch Rockabilly/Psychobilly tremelo guys too!

Even if your guitar doesn't have a tremelo arm on it you can - depending on your guitars shape - add them on later. Usually a job for a luthier but not always.

Shop around retrofit and then study this lesson. Also read the coming soon Jeff Beck guitar lesson review for those answers to the ever evolving Jeff Beck sound. Its also by Michael Casswell.

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  • Ch 1: Play All
  • Ch 2: Tremelo Types
  • Ch 3: Vintage Tremelo Systems
  • Ch 4: Floyd Rose Systems
  • Ch 5: Modern Fender System
  • Ch 7: Pitching Notes with the Bar
  • Ch 8: Scooping Notes and Chords
  • Ch 9: Simulating Slide Guitar
  • Ch 10: Tricks and Licks
  • Ch 11: Jam Tracks
  • Ch 12: Performances

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