Guitar Tremelo Bar Techniques - Michael Casswell Page Two

harmony and theory back coverOK as to the lesson itself: if you look at the menu below Mike starts us out by examining some of his Fender and Fender style Stratocaster type guitar collection all fitted with various tremelo systems.

If you have a similar guitar you are in luck. Before I could afford a Floyd Rose tremelo system I was yearnin' to have one.

I ordered a Mexican Strat with a Floyd on it and its a great guitar but I found out what a pain in the keaster the locking nut aspect really is when its time to put a new string on it.

Then just to make sure I bought Charvel with a Floyd Rose and confirmed my initial opinion. Hex wrench mandatory!

However and since they don't have locking nuts on them I have no complaints about my Duesenburg TV Outlaw with a great vintage style tremelo.

I also have a G & L S-500 with the most modern tremelo system of all but no locking nut and it never goes out of tune.

I have a Gibson ES-175 that I put a Bigsby on my self and that has no locking nut but is the least responsive in the amount of give it has. 

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